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I’m proud to offer resume writing services and other job search tools to help you achieve your career goals.

 6 Reasons Why I Should Write Your Resume
  1. I guarantee you'll be interviewing for a job within 30 days.

    I’m confident you'll receive an interview, or I'll rewrite your resume and cover letter for free.

  2. My prices are affordable.

    This is a great investment in your future.

  3. I can help you with all of your job search needs.

    My comprehensive services include everything from professional resumes and cover letters that will secure interviews to career coaching once you’ve found your new job.

  4. Expertise.

    Since 1995, I (Jan Cannon, MBA, PhD) have been helping clients to find work that they enjoy. I was an online expert with and and currently provide online content to the Career Connection ( I recently wrote Find a Job: 7 Steps to Success and Finding a Job in a Slow Economy and am a co-author of Exceptional Accomplishment, a book of tips, tools, and strategies to simplify life and accomplish more with less stress.

  5. You get a customized resume.

    Your resume targets your specific skills and accomplishments. I never use templates or software when creating your guaranteed resume.

  6. Exceptional editing.

    A single mistake on a resume can be disastrous. A second set of eyes looks at all resumes before they’re sent to you.

    Don’t wait. Order your resume and cover letter now. Click here.

Why Use a Resume Writing Service
In today's highly competitive market, your resume and cover letter are important pieces of your job search. Unfortunately, a resume can also be a means to eliminate you as a candidate for a job. After reading your resume, a potential employer can decide you’re not the right candidate. So, it’s essential that your resume be prepared in a way that will get you an interview. Most organizations use a system to pre-qualify resumes that involves identifying key words and phrases in the resume and, if they’re not there, eliminating candidates. Your resume will include these important items.

The most important thing to remember is that a resume is merely a means to an interview. A common error in resume preparation is trying to tell everything about you. This usually results in an uninteresting, wordy document. What you want to do is provide enough information so the employer wants to know more and invites you to an interview.

How It Works

Nothing separates a candidate more impressively from the hundreds of other job applicants than a professionally written, edited and formatted resume. Here are two samples of how your resume can be improved by our services.

For a recent grad or first job  BEFORE   AFTER
                                         For a technical position  BEFORE   AFTER

Just call my toll free number 888.550.4544 or send e-mail to [email protected] with your request. I'll e-mail or fax you a questionnaire to complete. Tell me the type of job you're looking for, or include the details of a particular job posting or classified ad, and I'll use the information to create your customized resume. I write resumes to optimize keyword and key phrase searching.

Printed resumes will meet most of your job hunting needs. Mail them to companies or recruiters and when responding to ads. For an additional charge, you can get an ASCII text version to be used for electronic transmission (email or web-based posting).

Order a resume and cover letter package and I guarantee you'll get a job interview in 30 days, or I'll rewrite your resume for free!

When you order anything from me, your satisfaction is guaranteed. (Click here to order a professional resume and cover letter.) Because all of the resumes and cover letters are customized, I do not offer refunds.

When I’ve completed your resume and any other material you request, I’ll forward a copy via e-mail or fax for your approval. If there’s anything you want changed, I’ll be glad to change it. If there’s something you are questioning which I think is helpful to the resume, I’ll explain why. However, it's your resume and the ultimate decision is yours.

One More Thing

While resume writing is an important part of my services, my expertise extends to job search strategy and career management. As a career advisor and coach, I have the background and experience to create a resume that really works. I’m not just a resume writer, but a career professional. (See our other career services.)

For more information, send e-mail to [email protected]

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