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"The resume writing guidelines you gave me made the job a lot easier than I expected. I started by making lists of my accomplishments and it was eye-opening to see all that I've done over the past 7 years."

Alex Jones, Media Specialist, Lincoln Park School

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1. Keep the resume to one page; two if you have a long job history.

2. Don't use an objective. Instead give a short profile of your skills and achievements. (2-3 sentences)

3. Chronological resumes are preferable to functional ones because the chronological format is easier to follow. Use a functional resume when you must minimize gaps in employment or you're changing career fields. A combined format also works well if you’ve had a variety of jobs.

4. Focus on your accomplishments. Use numbers, dollars and percentages wherever possible.

5. Don't lie about your experience or achievements, where you’ve worked or your education.

6. Personal information, such as health status, is unnecessary.

7. No spelling or grammatical errors.

8. It’s OK to respond to a job advertisement several days or more after it appears. Your resume has a better chance of being read if it’s not received with the bulk of responses.

9. Always send a customized cover letter with your resume. Your cover letter should show how your qualifications meet the advertiser's requirements.

10. Wherever possible, address the letter directly to the individual who makes hiring decisions, not to the Human Resources Director.

11. Ignore requests for salary history or requirements. That request is an attempt by employers to either disqualify you or assume an unfair advantage during salary negotiations.

12. When you respond to a classified ad you are usually in competition with hundreds of applicants with similar qualifications. Make your resume stand out in a professional manner.Remember, your resume is the employer’s first introduction to you. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. (Click here to order a professional resume and cover letter.)

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